Lorry Driver Goes After Guy Who Cut Him Up In Epic Road Rage Brawl

His opponent tried to use his belt as a weapon but it didn’t do him any good.

Road Rash computer game.
It's like a computer game But real. Very real. Image YouTube

Driving in London can be stressful at the best of times but it’s worth sparing a thought for anyone who has to do it for a living.

Lorry drivers, for example, have a pretty thankless existence in the capital. Sure they might be driving the bigger vehicle but they usually have to make deliveries within a set time frame meaning anything that gets in their way is likely to be pretty damn frustrating.

Like when a fellow motorist cuts them up, for instance. So when one lorry driver experienced exactly that on a busy street in New Cross, London, he decided to take the law into his own hands and challenge his fellow motorist to a good old fashioned street fight. Or something like that.

What started out as a heated discussion between the pair, recorded for posterity by someone on a nearby bus, soon descended into fisticuffs and all kinds of mayheam.

At one point, the lorry driver’s opponent took his belt off and began using it as an Indiana Jones-style whip. It didn’t do him much good though, with the rather large lorry driver quickly gaining the upper hand thanks to a flurry of punches that appeared to have his opponent down for the count.

But the fight continued to the point where a passing cyclist did the sensible thing and stood between the pair, urging them both to calm down.

It seemed to just about do the trick, though the lorry driver’s opponent did score one final sucker punch at the end, as the pair headed off to their respective vehicles.

London driving can be stressful.

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