An Inside Look At London’s First Ever Fried Chicken Festival

It's happening this weekend at Granary Square, GO!

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KFC lovers look set to descend on London for the capital’s first ever fried chicken festival, and it already sounds delicious.

When most people in London think of fried chicken, they probably envisage bargain buckets or £1 hot wings, but food truck conglomerate KERB is hoping to change that with The Bucket List a festival dedicated to all things diverse in the world of deep fried and poultry.

Bringing together an army of eight fried chicken vendors sounds like hard work but KERB, a company that creates street food markets all over London, has pulled it off.

They’ve gathered the very best prime traders, food truckers and street chefs London has to offer to deliver an American staple in mixture of unique and more traditional ways. Better yet, they’re competing for the sought-after “Bucket List Trophy” for the best fried chicken on offer.

Vendors and fried chicken options include: 

  1. Mother Clucker – Tea-brined, twice buttermilk soaked Cajun chicken strips with hot sauce
  2. Other Side Fried Cocoa chilli and maple fillets with coriander mayo
  3. Only Jerkin – Ginger beer battered jerk or mango nuggets with jerk gravy
  4. Bill or Beak – Szechuan miso tenders with fermented green chilli hot sauce
  5. Daja Chicken – Double coated & double fried Asian tenders with modern flavours from the Far East  *GF
  6. Killa Dilla ‘KDFC’ in chipotle salt and crushed Chilli Heatwave tortilla chips
  7. Mother Flipper – Korean spicy wings
  8. Petare – Masa fried pieces with guava glaze and habanero mayo
fried chicken
Camden Market

“I think Londoners have always loved fried chicken, but the boundaries just keep on being pushed on how to deliver the best possible version,” said KERB’s founder and Bucket List creator Petra Barran told loaded.

Included in the fried chicken fanfare is music and entertainment courtesy of Mariachi El Pinche Gringo, a mariachi cover band who “play raucous renditions of absolute bangers with unbelievable passion, questionable skill and absolute ridiculousness,” according to their website. 

Kate Beard/KERB

Interesting combinations like Mariachi music and chocolate-covered fried chicken is what makes KERB, and it’s events unique.

“London is so international; it’s nice to put it all together. That’s the whole ethos of what KERB is about you know, putting loads of great people and great food together so that it’s accessible to everyone, that’s what a city needs,” Petra says.

Barran has always been something of an innovator when it comes to food; prior to starting KERB, she ran her own mobile chocolate food truck selling everything from fudge sundaes to hot drinks. Even then, she saw the need to champion more innovation in the culinary world.

“When I was on my travels, I met lots of other traders doing interesting things with food, and I realised that there was this wonderful community that existed that was informal and untapped. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if we formalised and got together, creating strength in numbers and more opportunity for ourselves and more visibility.”


After four years in business, KERB has expanded to offerings at markets across London with food trucks located in places like London Bridge and Camden Market to name but a few.

They’ve already dabbled in larger scaled themed events too, having previously collaborated with the Reggae Roast DJ group as part of a day of Caribbean food and good vibes.

The Bucket List will be no different, and loaded can’t wait to see what the two-day event brings to the table – especially Killa Dillas ‘KDFC’ chicken covered in Doritos.

fried chicken
Other Side Fried/KERB

So, the real question now is, how does Barran like her fried chicken?

“With Tequila,” she says with a laugh.

Tequila and more will be available at this excellent festival taking place tonight and Tomorrow at Granary Square. Check out the KERB website for further details.

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