Lobster Blood Could Be Used To Fight STI’s And Other Infections

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Lobster blood. The blood of lobsters could be used to fight warts and other skin-based infections in the future.

Industry researchers claim uncooked lobster blood has properties that can effectively treat the viruses that cause shingles and warts.

There’s even a skin cream called LobsteRx. It’s been patented but is not yet available in stores. The cream is meant to treat dry skin, chapped lips, cold sore, minor cuts, and burns.


Cathy Billings, an official with Lobster Unlimited, the company behind the product, claimed she was the guinea pig in the testing stages. Her experience has so far, been so good.

“I had some amazing results,” she said.

The chief scientist, Bob Bayer, researching the crustacean blood or hemolymph said that a range of marine species has within their blood, this anti-viral property.

“We do have data that shows lobster hemolymph is antiviral,” Bayer said. “It kills the herpes simplex one virus.” He said, speaking to BDN Maine.

Both scientists work at the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine. Which sounds like a pretty fun place to work.

However, their company is an independent organisation, separate from the university. They hope one day to create medicines with a foundation in lobster blood that would require FDA approval.

“There’s more to come on this,” Bayer said.

STI fighting lobsters? Sign us up.

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