loaded’s Hot Tracks of The Week

This Week We Celebrate Young British Talent

Following up from last weeks playlist – This week loaded spins London newcomers Mabel and Kamille.

We turn our attention to, US pop musician LAUV and his new single ‘Easy Love’, explore viral SoundCloud sensation Clairo. As well as shine light on Tiggs Da Authors new single!




Mabel – Roses

Mabel has been making waves in the music industry with her powerful vocal range and TLC/Early Sugababes Aesthetic. Mabel shows off her incredible voice in ‘Roses’. The catchy line “You f**k with my emotions” is layered over a clean and refined beat, with subtle piano keys that add texture and emotion – to a song about a bittersweet relationship.



Kamille – Body Ft. (Avelino)

Perhaps the most important drop this week is Kamille’s ‘Body’. The electrifying visuals form a splendid melange where art meets music. Avelino adds a powerful verse fueled with emotion. A powerful and delicate vocal performance glazed over thumping base notes work as one, in this celebration of afro beauty. We can’t get enough!



TRACE – ‘You Don’t Know Me’

With over 22 million streams of Spotify alone. TRACE brings us the colorful electronic single ‘You Don’t Know me’. Daughter of ‘Vietnam’s Tina Turner’ Carol Kim – TRACE burst into the spotlight with her single ‘low’. We’re really into this new single, the catchy chorus, and R&B vocals create a smooth and airy scene. We’re into it!



Cameron Bloomfield – Get In Get Out

It’s easy to see where Cameron Bloomfield finds his inspiration. Soulful vocals and jazzy melodies are ripe in his classy new single “Get in Get Out”. Self-confessed music geek and multi-instrumentalist Camron has created an easy to love track! We will be tuning in for more upcoming music from him for sure.



Tiggs Da Author – Work It Out

Ahead of his take over with loaded, we spin track of the week ‘Work It Out’ by Tiggs Da Author. This cover of all time classic ‘Jerk It Out’ by the Caesars is a one that will leave you dancing through the weekend. An impressive vocal performance from the man himself, accompanied by an incredibly well-shot music video and one that has given us positive vibes in the office.


LAUV – Easy Love

LAUV creates atmospheric R&B vibes with his new single ‘Easy Love’. The LA-based artist captures emotions we all can relate to when in a rocky relationship. The catchy line ‘I don’t want no easy love’ has been stuck in our heads all week!



Last Night – Gene Fisher

Underground rapper Gene Fisher teams up with Sahara Medina to bring us a ‘transy’, dreamy single ‘Last Night’. Discovered on Spotify by our intern, this track is one for a lazy weekend spent with your crush on the beach somewhere on the Los Angles.



Clairo – Flaming Hot Cheetos

19-year-old singer-songwriter Clairo began posting music onto SoundCloud when she was 14! The young artist from Boston released a video for ‘Pretty Girl’ which blew up amassing over 1 million views on YouTube. ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’ fell into our radar earlier in the week, captivating us with effortless vocals and a bedroom pop feel, that makes this feel very authentic and genuine. We’re impressed!



Topanga – Rugby Wild

It’s hard to keep up with the sheer number of ‘new-wave’ rappers emerging from the US. There are the big hitters with their commercial success, but then we find stand out acts that leave us inspired and wanting more. Topanga is one example, having released ‘Rugby Wild’ a few months back. Smooth 80’s instrumental with a standout flow from the young artist. We were hooked the minute we heard distorted VHS sounds in the intro.



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