The Eighty83Three Girls Talk X-Rated Pranks, Flour Showers And More

Jade, Isabelle, Amanda and Helen are taking over the world one prank at a time...

Jade, Belle, Amanda and Helen
Eighty83Three Image Eighty83Three/ Instagram

Who said pranks are only for guys? The ladies of Eighty83Three prove that misguided notion wrong with their viral hijinks.

They only launched their prank empire last year, but already they’ve garnered over a million fans in both their native Australia and across the planet. loaded being one of them. 

It’s not hard to see why. They’re as gorgeous as they are dastardly, we previously covered their prank “flour shower” and now we can’t get enough. 

Their hilarious pranks include one simply called ‘pussy slap’, which involves catching a girl off guard by whacking them in their nether region.

This harsh joke doesn’t only focus on the female sect, oh no, there is also a segment for the lads called ‘dick slap’ where men endure the same punishment. We expect it might feel a bit worse.

DICK SLAP!!!!! Check out the full compilation featuring @JamieZhuTV on ??

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loaded caught up with Jade, Belle, Amanda and Helen to find out more about their prank aspirations and the hopes for the future.


loaded: Where did the idea for Eighty83Three come from?

Eighty83Three: The idea came from one of our mutual friends who is now our manager. She knew all of us and thought we would all get along to make this group work and happen, and she was right haha.

loaded: You guys come up with some pretty hilarious tricks, any tips for new prankers?

Eighty83Three: Haha, we have new pranks coming out, but we love our short videos on relatable situations that everyone would go through or has been through as well.

loaded: What are your top five favourite pranks?

Eighty83Three: Our five top favourite pranks would be:

• When Jade poured Grass on her while she was tanning
• The constant pussy slapping haha
• The time Isabelle drew a dick on Jade’s face while she was asleep and she didn’t even notice till like 30 minutes later
• Haha, when Isabelle did Flour shower!
• Ohh and when Jade vacuumed Isabelle’s Lips haha


loaded: Is it fair to say the ‘pussy slap’ is your most successful prank? Do pussy slaps hurt?

Eighty83Three: The pussy slap was just something we did as a joke amongst each other, and randomly we decided to make a video about it, haha, and it went viral. It isn’t our most viral video though.



loaded: Can you give away any plans for your next pranking adventure?

Eighty83Three: Haha, you’ll have to wait and see what plans we have for our next few videos.

loaded: Who is your prank inspiration?

Eighty83Three: We don’t have any prank inspiration – we’re just a group of best friends who enjoy messing each other up and around.

loaded: Belle, Is your dad Mark Hunt and is he going to feature in any more of your videos?

Eighty83Three: Mark Hunt is a friend of our manager, and we thought that skit would be hilarious which it was, and no he is not Isabelle’s Father, he is a father though and amazing one we might add.



loaded: Are people scared of you guys now that you’re known for pranks? Dick slaps are pretty harsh…but hilarious.

Eighty83Three: Haha, people scared of us? We hope not! We hope people love us and love our videos.

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