Liz Hurley Shows Her Incredible Figure In Instagram Bikini Binge

The actress is looking stunning at 51.

Elizabeth Hurley posing on the red carpet.
Elizabeth Hurley Hugh Grant's ex continues to defy the passing of time. Image Getty

Liz Hurley has been up to her old trick on Instagram again, after posting a new series of bikini pictures.

The actress is currently enjoying some time off in India, and she’s wasted no time posing for stunning swimwear shots on the beach.

Liz looks more stunning than ever in the new images, which prove that the 51-year-old is only getting better with age.

See the pictures below:

Liz Hurley

Liz posed in two bikinis from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection in blue and “toffee” colours.

“Life is short,” she captioned the pictures.

The actress bikini bod has been getting a lot of attention online recently, after she posted selfies that seemed to defy the laws of time.

Hurley previously showed off her bikini line with a series of stunning Instagram pictures last year.

Elizabeth Hurley poses on Instagram.
Elizabeth Hurley "Bikini time" Image Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram
Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram.
Elizabeth Hurley Soaking up the sun. Image Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram

Liz is currently enjoying some time off in an exotic Indian beach resort with her son Damian.

The actress looks to be introducing her boy in the world of showbiz, after the pair starred in an episode of the Royals together.

Liz Hurley has become one of the most active stars on Instagram over recent months, especially after posting a series of throwback snaps a while back.

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