Michael Bisping defeats Anderson Silva. UFC Fight Night 84 as it happened

All the action from the huge UFC event tonight at London’s O2.

Michael Bisping will fight Anderson Silva
Gold v Silva? Michael Bisping has wound up Anderson Silva ahead of their UFC London fight. Image Picture Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Loaded are at London’s O2 Arena tonight as UFC hits the UK.

To keep up to date with all the action at UFC Fight Night 84, check back here as we bring all the results, news, views and reactions from the Octagon.

Full card (bold indicates a winner as it happens)


David Teymur vs Martin Svensson

David Teymur defeats Martin Svensson via TKO in round two.

Following the fight, Teymur said: “I am so, so happy. I cannot compare this feeling to anything right now. This is the best feeling of my life. Now I will celebrate with my family. London, I am here!”

A disappointed Svensson vowed he’d return to the Octagon, saying: “This was a good experience for me, but I’m very sad right now. David is a good fighter, so I’m glad I fought him. But I will get right back at it. I’m never going to stop doing MMA.”

Teemu Packalan vs Thibault Gouti

Teemu Packalen defeats Thibault Gouti via a rear naked choke in round one. 

Teemu Packalen was clearly pleased with his performance following the fight. He said: “I am speechless. I’m very happy. My stand up was good, on the ground I was good. I don’t know, everything just felt good. Now I’ll go and see my mum and my relatives and celebrate. I am just so happy.”

Daniel Omielanzcuk vs Jarjis Danho

Daniel Omielanczuk defeats Jarjis Danho via a majority decision.

Following the fight, Omielanczuk reflected on the pair’s clash, saying: “I feel really good, although I didn’t expect the fight to finish in that way. I felt like my opponent was afraid to fight and I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted, so I’m a little bit upset about that. But today I won, and that’s the most important part.”

Norman Parke vs Rustam Khabilov

Rustam Khabilov defeats Norman Parke via a unanimous decision.

Bushmills born brawler Norman Parke was clearly disppointed following the fight. He said: “The better man won on the night. He’s a very strong fighter and the plan was to come out, dictate the pace and keep him guessing. But he was always in and out, and he had me thinking a lot of the time, so I kind of froze in the moment in the first round.”

In the third round, Parke got the takedown, pushing hard for a choke hold, but couldn’t quite execute it on his Russian opponent. “When I got the takedown I thought, that’s my chance,” Parke explained. “But he was doing the right thing, he was staying low, defending the neck. I knew whenever I was going for the choke, he was just slipping out. I take my hat off to him. He finished off strong in that third round and that won the fight, I thought.”

Khabilov paid respect to the challenge Parke presented. “I feel really good. He was a tough opponent,” he said. “I feel like he was slick and slippery, as though he’d put some gel on or something, so I couldn’t grab hold of him as much as I wanted to. But he is not an easy fighter, he is a tough fighter, so I am glad to win.”

Bradley Scott vs Krzysztof Jotko

Krzysztof Jotko defeats Bradley Scott via a unanimous decision.

Bradley Scott was unhappy after the fight. He said: “I genuinely thought I won that fight. I know I lost the last round, but I felt like I was putting on more pressure. I think he may have landed more punches, but I felt like I was landing better punches. He did catch me with that elbow shot, though. I had trained for that move too. I knew that move was coming but he still landed it, so good on him.”

Arnold Allen vs Yaotzin Meza

Arnold Allen defeats Yaotzin Meza via a unanimous decision.

Allen, who looked in control throughout, said: “I’ve been training hard for this fight and being out in Tristar has just allowed me to improve so much. I think the UFC are going to be coming to the UK more often. There is just so much talent here, so many talented UK fighters, and it’s great to be a part of that.”

Scott Askham vs Chris Dempsey

Scott Askham defeats Chris Dempsey by a KO in round one.

Speaking inside the Octagon straight after the fight, Askham said: “There was no way anybody was beating me here tonight, I swear. When I got the finish, the whole arena erupted and that’s something I will never, ever forget.”

Davey Grant vs Marlon Vera

Davey Grant defeats Marlon Vera via a unanimous decision.

Grant said he was “over the moon” following the fight. Continuing: “It was hard tonight but I feel like I’m a better fighter now. It’s been two years of learning. It was brilliant walking out there, one of the best experiences of my life.”

Mike Wilkinson vs Makwan Amirkhani

Makwan Amirkhani defeated Mike Wilkinson at UFC’s Fight Night 84 – Loaded
Mr. Finland Makwan Amirkhani defeated Mike Wilkinson at UFC’s Fight Night 84.

Makwan Amirkhani defeats Mike Wilkinson via a unanimous decision.

After facing his toughest test in the Octagon to date, after only 109 seconds of UFC action before tonight’s fight, Finnish fighter Amirkhani took his record to 3-0. He said: “I knew Mike is a tough fighter, so we’d give a good show to London. And that’s what we did.”

Speaking about the trash talking that had gone on between the pair before the fight – which included Finnish fighter Amirkhani saying he hoped the referee brought a pillow for Wilkinson for when he “put him to sleep”, as well as the Brit saying Mr. Finland was a “dickhead in an Asda suit” – Amirkhani said: “In the end, Mike and I both knew that we would hug each other. Because in the end, we were there for those people watching. The one thing that was in my mind was to put on a good performance and when the referee came between us at the end, I knew that we had accomplished that.” 

Main card

Francisco Rivera vs Brad Pickett

Brad Pickett defeats Francisco Rivera via a split decision.

Visually emotional following the clash, Pickett said: “I’ve been fighting my demons before this fight, I’m just so happy I won. He’s a tough guy so hats off to him, but I think I made it harder than it needed to be. I started my career here in London, but I want to carry on fighting now. The company means a lot to me and I come from a working class background. I just want to work hard to keep putting food on the table.”

Tom Breese vs Keita Nakamura

Tom Breese defeats Keita Nakamura via a unanimous decision.

Despite the win, Birmingham boy Breese, who is a rising star in the UFC was disappointed with his performance at the O2 Arena. Speaking in the Octagon after the fight, he said: “It was very frustrating. I told everyone he was a tough guy, but I fell a bit flat today. I need to get a bit more cage time. I want to apologise to the fans, I will be better next time.”

Gegard Mousasi vs Thales Leites

Gegard Mousasi defeats Thales Leites via a unanimous decision.

After a fight that Mousasi controlled from start to finish, but didn’t win the majority of the fans inside the O2 Arena over, he said: “He’s a tough guy but I was being smart. I could take his strikes, I was ready. I played it smart. I’m top five in the world as middleweight. Obviously I lost the last fight, but sometimes you see something surprising happen.”

Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping (live)

Blur’s Song 2 echoes around the O2 Arena as Bisping makes his way to the Octagon, and he’s clearly fired up for this one. The familiar sound of DMX’s Ain’t No Sunshine follows, as Silva joins the British fighter.

It’s a cagey start to the first round with little in the way of an exchange of blows as the pair size each other up. Finally it explodes with two minutes to go. Bisping on the offence with Silva working on the counter as expected. There’s little to separate the pair until Bisping lands two blows right at the close.

Both fighters are winding each other up with gloves down at the start of the second round. After spending much of the exchange dancing round each other, Bisping puts Silva on the ground with a left jab, to the appreciation of his home support.

Much of the same in the third round as the two fighters stay on their feet and try to work and opening. There’s confusion as Bisping loses his mouthguard. He turns to the referee who’s holding it, and Silva lands a flying knee, downing the Brit and opening his face up with a cut as the signal comes for the end of the round.

It’s controversial, as there seemed to be a pause in the action, but it’s brief so Silva’s within his rights to continue fighting. The Brazilian thinks he’s won it, celebrating a knockout, but despite looking like he might not get up for a split second, Bisping refuses to bow out. The Brit does most of the work at the start of the fourth but Silva looks comfortable defending. The cut under Bisping’s eye from the knee is weeping blood.

Silva looks dominant now, landing a series of kicks through the fourth and fifth. But after a stoppage the Brit turns to rile up the crowd, who respond with a chorus of his name. Bisping comes back well again but Silva lands another solid kick. Bisping’s wobbling here. Still, he refuses to give up with a series of attacks, but it’s Silva landing the cleanest of the blows at the end of the fight.

Michael Bisping defeats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision.

That was some fight from Bisping, he’s bloodied, but refused to be beaten. The Brit fighting with the heart of a lion in the Octagon tonight. Silva may have landed the biggest of the hits through the fight, looking for that knockout blow, but Bisping fought smart for the duration, bar the moment he dropped his gloves during the confusion over his mouthpiece. He simply refused to be lured by Silva and systematically picked the Brazilian off with calculated attacks.

Speaking in the Octagon after the fight, he said: “I don’t know what to say right now. All I know is that I wanted this fight my entire life. I honestly don’t know what to say, I’m fucking crying. I worshipped this guy. He’s the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. He inspired me as a young cocky kid. Anderson: thank you. I think I need to go see a doctor for a second, but the crowd gave me the strength. I did this to represent Great Britain.”

After speaking, the pair bow to each other whilst on their knees at the centre of the Octagon and embrace, Silva smiling as he shakes Bisping’s hand. They both clearly enjoyed that.

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