Listen To WWE Icon Chyna’s Heart-breaking Final Voicemail Message

Joanie Laurer passed after overdosing on a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs.

Joanie Laurer also known as Chyna.Image Getty

The last recorded words of Joanie Laurer, a WWE icon known affectionately to millions as Chyna, have surfaced online and they are every bit as heart-breaking as you would imagine.

Laurer, who went by the in-the-ring name of Chyna, the ninth wonder of the world, passed away back in 2016 after overdosing on a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs.

The 45-year-old left behind a legacy as a pioneer of wrestling, helping women enjoy equal billing in the previously male-dominated world of WWE.

At the time of her death, Chyna had been on the comeback trail with documentarian Erik Angra working with the late grappler on a film chronicling her incredible life up until that point.

Now, what may well be the final recorded words of a women who wowed fans the world over have found their way online after Angra shared a voicemail message Laurer just prior to her death with People Magazine.


It paints a picture of Laurer as a kind and considerate individual, trying to battle her demons.

“I am doing much better,” she tells Angra in the message.

“It’s a beautiful day outside. All the sailboats are out today, it’s a beautiful day.”

Laurer went on to outline plans to head to a rehab centre in Malibu near her apartment.

“I go for two weeks and drink cucumber juice and whatever, and swim around … I can get a therapy doggy the right way,” she said.

Her compassionate side shines through to, with the WWE icon repeatedly asking after the documentarian, who was ill at the time, adding, “I want to make sure you’re okay, and I’m here.”

Fans will get a chance to relive the many highs and lows of Chyna’s life and career soon enough, with Angra’s documentary set to arrive later this year.

Taking in everything from her wrestling beginnings to her time in Playboy, on Third Rock from The Sun and the adult movie industry, it’s sure to be essential viewing if the trailer is anything to go by.

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