Lingerie loving entrepreneur out to seduce Lord Sugar on The Apprentice

Jessica Cunningham, the co-founder of Prodigal Fox, will be one to watch on the new series.

Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice.
The Apprentice Lord Sugar will see you now. Image BBC

The Apprentice has provided plenty of memorable contestants down the years whether it was the late, great Stuart Baggs and his field full of ponies or eventual winner Ricky Martin – a man who actually changed his name to match that of the Livin’ La Vida Loca singer.

Oh and, of course, there was Katie Hopkins being, well, Katie Hopkins.

We’ve never had a contestant quite like Jessica Cunningham though.

Co-owner of Prodigal Fox, a fashion brand that deals in dresses and sexy lingerie items, Cunningham has already had one brush with fame after her clothes appeared on BBC documentary series The Class of ’92 with striker/poser Gareth Seddon starring in a photoshoot for the brand.

Jessica Cunningham of Prodigal Fox
Jessica Cunningham Now focusing on Prodigal Fox Image Prodigal Fox

However, the budding entrepreneur could be about to go stratospheric as the most eye catching and (hopefully) confrontational Apprentice contestant since the heady days of Luisa Zissman.

“I aim to show men in business that what they can do we can do just as well — and sometimes we can do it better,” she previously told the Lancashire Telegraph and it’s difficult to disagree.

One of 18 candidates on the new show, Cunningham may also have some history with loaded, if Google is anything to go by.

Back in 2009, the Burnley Express reported that a 22-year-old by the same name had entered a loaded competition to present three programmes on the digital music channel Flaunt.

Having completed a photoshoot with the magazine, it would make sense for Cunningham to channel her personal passion for clothing into a business enterprise.

But regardless of whether this is indeed the very same Cunningham, she has already got our vote ahead of the new series of The Apprentice.

Just remember: don’t volunteer to be project leader on the very first task.

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