The Lingerie Football League: Exactly What It Sounds Like Only Way More Brutal

You wouldn't see this on any given Sunday

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First launched in 2009, the Lingerie Football League is a pretty self explanatory concept: female athletes dressed in lingerie and body-padding slam into each other as is the tradition in American Football. 

Like the puppy bowl, it was started as a SuperBowl halftime television special on pay-per-view.

Hosier Huddle
Hosier Huddle Image LFL


The LFL teams mirror the same colour scheme as the NFL men’s football teams. Most of the teams are also coached by former NFL players.

The girls aren’t just pretty faces either, they are all former pro athletes themselves coming fro a range of sports such as: track and field, tennis, volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, and fitness-style bodybuilding. 


The playing style is full contact on the 50-yard field, a lot like the rules of indoor leagues. Uniform wise, before 2013 the team wore helmets and strategically placed padding as well as panties and garters.

There are seven women on each side, with the standard arrangment of a roster, i.e. quarterback, running backs. 


Since 2012, the idea has expanded worldwide. Countries like Canada and Australia have formed companion leagues. LFL Europa launched in 2015. Sky’s the limit for these ladies. 

These days the name has been changed to Legends Football League and the lingerie isn’t as prevalent though the players are still pretty scantily clad. 

Either way, we love watching athletes in action doing what they do best. Killing it. 

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