Oh Dear God, Lindsay Lohan Just Came Out As A Trump Supporter

Turns out she's a Mean Girl in real life too...

Lindsay Lohan PlayboyImage Picture Playboy

Lindsay Lohan has risen to the top of the news feeds lately for her strange comments on America’s President Donald Trump.

“If you can’t beat him, join him,” she says of the controversial world leader’s activities. She made this remark during a Facebook Live interview with the Daily Mail last week.

This comment seems odd considering the actress has been really upping her altruism. She’s become involved with the UN Goal 16 program – which aims, among many initiatives to ‘promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development.’

She’s also been traveling to Turkey frequently and delving into Islam, calling it a ‘beautiful religion.’ These elements all offset Trump’s current policies which include the discriminatory ‘muslim ban,’ currently being enforced across the greater United States.

This isn’t the first time the Mean Girls star has shared headlines with the Donald. In 2004 during a Howard Stern interview, the now president claimed that ‘deeply troubled women’ are the best between the sheets and used Lohan as an example. Creepy. 

Lohan meanwhile is on a ‘one love’ kick, her latest Instagram post is mighty seductive and features an accompanying quote by Mother Teresa. The last line states, “I support all people; We must all do the same.”

Maybe not ALL people Lindsay.

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