Lily Allen vows to join Saturday’s #resigncameron protest

Tax-dodging PM faces concerted pressure to quit.

David Cameron, tax dodger
No one is laughing now But they will be after watching this... Image Picture Carl Court/Getty Images

Lily Allen has vowed to join the protest to pressurise David Cameron into resigning on Saturday, after the PM admitted he was a tax evader.

The official #resigncameron protest will begin at 11am on Saturday. Organised by freelance journalist Abi Wilkinson, the hashtag has exploded on social media with Allen the most high-profile celebrity so far to confirm their attendance.

Allen wrote: “I will be protesting at No 10 tomorrow, unless of course he resigns before then. You should too. #resigncameron”

On the protest’s Facebook page, Wilkinson has asked that protestors “don your most garish Hawaiian shirt, practice your calypso moves and head to 10 Downing Street for 11am”.

Having absurdly attempted to claim that his tax affairs are “a private matter”, despite publicly lambasting Jimmy Carr when the comedian was revealed to be part of a tax avoidance scheme, Cameron admitted on Thursday that he had made £30,000 profit from a hedge fund used to dodge tax in an offshore account.

Cameron then told ITV News that he was “unable to account for every single penny”, which is exactly what every other taxpayer is expected to do when HMRC asks.

The PM’s tax affairs were initially called into question over the weekend when the Panama Papers scandal revealed that Cameron’s late father Ian had invested in the dubious Blairmore Investment Trust before his death in 2010. The PM owned 5,000 units in the trust, which he says he sold the same year his father died and the same year he became Prime Minister.

Once Cameron’s tax affairs were called into question, a 2014 tweet by George Osborne which called tax evasion “not just illegal, but immoral” was quietly deleted from the Chancellor’s official Twitter page.


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