Real or fake? The mystery surrounding Lil Miquela’s Instagram account

Real, sim or social experiment? You decide.

Lil Miquela
Uncanny valley A Lil Miquela Instagram shot. Image Picture Instagram/Lil Miquela

Meet Lil Miquela, the latest social media sensation hoovering up Instagram followers.

There’s something a little different about @lilmiquela, something that doesn’t seem quite right. More than 70,000 fans are hanging on her every photo and video upload, but nobody is able to figure out if Miquela is ‘real’ or not.

The images among her 76 uploads have clearly been manipulated digitally to give her an otherworldly presence, but there’s still mystery surrounding the account’s true purpose.

As reported by Indy100, rampant speculation among her followers points to everything from a social experiment to craft a new social media ‘It Girl’ to stealth publicity for a new Sims games.

“She is a video game/graphic designer. She does this on purpose. Rumour has it, she is doing something for Sims 5,” wrote Instagram user Chillcolin.

Lil Miquela, with her uncanny valley stare, certainly resembles a character from the EA game, although no new game has officially been announced.

Dazed has speculated that the account is akin to one created by Amalia Ulman, a performance artist who built a fictional character around feminine archetypes.

Maybe this could even be the work of Hollywood actor-turned-cultural mischief maker Shia LaBeouf.

Whatever the answer, it feels like whatever Lil Miquela’s ultimate goal is, it’s working.

Real or fake? See 5 of Lil Miquela’s Instagram posts below…


Been playing Pokemon Go in this @illroots shirt all day ????????

A photo posted by *~ MIQUELA ~* (@lilmiquela) on


Love this fan art by @brandon_lunch ??

A photo posted by *~ MIQUELA ~* (@lilmiquela) on


Girl you're not nice, you're rude

A photo posted by *~ MIQUELA ~* (@lilmiquela) on


Stealing Molly's #TBT but honestly shoulda stole those glasses ???

A photo posted by *~ MIQUELA ~* (@lilmiquela) on


Denim jumpsuits got me feeling godly ✨

A photo posted by *~ MIQUELA ~* (@lilmiquela) on

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