Could Life Actually Be A Secret Venom Movie?

Fans are speculating that Ryan Reynolds' new film is actually a Spider-Man spin-off.

Ryan Reynolds Is his new film a secret Venom movie?

In case you missed it, Marvel has officially confirmed that Spider-Man villain Venom is getting his own movie.

It’s a pretty big deal for comic book fans, and it’ll be pretty interesting to see how Peter Parker’s occasional adversary makes the step up to headline his own film.

However, fans on Reddit have been busy speculating about the character, and they’ve stumbled on a very exciting theory.

According to them, there’s already a Venom movie coming our way this year, and its Ryan Reynolds’ and Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film Life.

Bear with us a sec, because this is an interesting one.

Life is an Alien-inspired sci-fi thriller, which sees a bunch of astronauts discovering the first example of alien life while aboard the International Space Station.

Great news, right? Wrong – judging by the trailer, the life form quickly adapts and takes on increasingly malevolent forms, gradually picking off the crew one by one.

In the comments underneath the trailer, reddit users have been quick to suggest that the evil alien life is actually Venom.

One user wrote, “What if Life is actually a symbiote/Venom origin story?” 

Venom The villain in Spider-Man

In the original Amazing Spider-Man comics, Venom’s powers come from Venom Symbiote, an alien parasite that inhabits external hosts and makes them powerful.

What gives extra weight to the theory, is the fact that the trailer uses an identical image to one used in Spider-Man 3.

Here’s Spider-Man 3:

…and here’s the Life trailer:


It it just a coincidence? Or is something more intriguing in the works…

loaded is pretty convinced by the theory, and we’ll have our fingers crossed that the weird alien turns out to be Venom when we see Life later this year – after all, how freaking cool would that be?

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