Liam Gallagher Took Part In A Reddit Q&A And It Was Hilarious

Liam Gallagher has earned a reputation for being forthright in his opinions – it’s part of the reason why fans love him so much.

It’s also what made a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the Oasis frontman so enjoyable. Gallagher is busy promoting his new solo album “As You Were” which has already earned rave reviews from the critics and was evidently in a playful mood for the AMA.

“I am Liam Gallagher. And you are not,” he wrote. “Bring it on you nosy bastards.”

What followed was an incredible array of questions so diverse in their weird and wonderful subject matter that it made for the most unusual yet interesting interview you are ever likely to read.

Gallagher kept things brief with pretty much all of his answers. Some were good, some were standard, some were funny and some were just Liam being Liam.

Here is a brief summary:

Never change Liam, never change.

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