Liam Gallagher apologises for calling Freddie Mercury a ‘goofy c***’ in most Liam Gallagher way possible

He's soooooo sorry...

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher The Oasis legend Image Getty Images

LIAM GALLAGHER has apologised in his own imitable style after angering Queen fans with an online ‘attack’ on the band’s late singer Freddie Mercury.

The former Oasis frontman came unstuck after replying to a tweet in which a fan compared the two musicians, tweeting: “Freddie Mercury – Bohemian Rhapsody. Liam Gallagher – Songbird.”

Liam’s response was short and to the point, replying: “F*** him, the goofy c***.”

It was a response that didn’t go down too well with fans online though, many of who branded the singer as “self-important” and “ignorant”.

“I hope you are joking, much respect to Freddy tho,” one tweeted with another telling Gallagher “you want to be superstar and you’re not.”

Liam wasn’t taking the criticism lying down though, returning to Twitter to offer up the most unconvincing of apologies.

“So I wake up to news that I hit another and I mean another all time low after my vile and I mean vile outburst outburst did somebody say outburst about Fred mercy,” he tweeted.

“I’m sooooooo sorry if I upset anybody it’s a good job there’s 24 hours in a day as you’ll get over it LG x.”

The Oasis icon wasn’t done there though, returning to the micro-blogging site to offer up his opinion on using the C-word.

“Last thing I don’t know why people get offended by the word c***I get called a good looking c*** everyday don’t hear me crying as you were LGx.”

This online controversy comes just days after it was revealed Liam Gallagher turned down the chance to headline the Isle of Wight festival because it clashed with kick-off times at the World Cup.

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