Leonardo DiCaprio making Captain Planet movie with Scream Queen duo

The Oscar-winning actor is looking to get a live-action reboot off the ground.

Animated superhero Captain Planet.
Captain Planet He's a hero... Image DIC/Hanna Barbera

Leonardo DiCaprio could take his first tentative steps into the world of superhero movies with a big-screen reboot of ‘90s animated favourite Captain Planet.

DiCaprio won’t be starring in this one though but instead producing, with the Oscar winner’s production company, in conjunction with Paramount, looking to secure the rights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio want to recruit Scream Queens star Glen Powell and writing partner Jono Matt to pen the script, indicating that the tone of the movie could differ significantly to the current Marvel and DC fare.

First broadcast from 1990 to 1992, Captain Planet and the Planeteers was a kids show with a difference, centering on five young sorts from across the world who were capable of controlling the natural elements using magical rings given to them by Captain Planet.

Once united, the ring could also summon the Cap, to help them fight a variety of environmental evils.

Though still in the early stages of development, it is thought that the latest incarnation could take place several years after the events of the show, with a washed-up Captain Planet seeking help from the now-grown-up group of teens that once turned to him. Sounds very postmodern.

There is no word yet on who Captain Planet will face off against, though loaded personally hopes it’s Zarm, the Spirit of War and Destruction who, like Captain Planet, was in possession of some pretty awesome powers as well as a rather unfortunate desire to destroy Earth.

First voiced by Sting over the first two seasons of the show, there is no word yet on whether The Police frontman will be looking to reclaim the role though at this stage, and given his busy schedule of tantric sex, it seems unlikely.

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