How Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Derailed Plans For T2 Trainspotting

The Wolf of Wall Street came between two of Trainspotting’s principal players

Danny Boyle and the cast of T2 Trainspotting Back together and best of friends Image Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

The cast and crew of T2 Trainspotting may appear as the best of friends now, but for a long time that wasn’t always the case.

Back at the turn of the millennium director Danny Boyle and lead actor Ewan McGregor had a major falling out.

But while disagreements are commonplace in the world of Hollywood, this particular spat centred around one specifici individual: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Boyle had worked with McGregor on each of his first three films – Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and A Life Less Ordinary – and the pair looked likely to reconvene for his fourth, The Beach.

However, by the time the film went into production it was DiCaprio’s name, rather than McGregor’s, which was attached to the project with producers evidently keen for the film to feature a recognised Hollywood stars as its lead.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, McGregor had been under the impression he would be playing the part and, in the wake of the snub, had a major falling out with Boyle that resulted in the pair not speaking for over a decade.

In the meantime, the script for T2 Trainspotting began to come together, with several rewrites required along the way.

Image Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Eventually Boyle and McGregor relented with the actor admitting to THR that, by the end, he just wanted to make peace and move on.

“I started thinking, ‘Ah, f— it, enough is enough,’ ” he explained.

“And I wanted to work with Danny again. He was my first director and always set the bar so high in terms of what to expect from a director as an actor. I missed it. And being on set with him again was like, ‘Oh, it’s so nice.'”

The resulting movie has won widespread acclaim and could yet be followed by another sequel.

Just don’t expect to see DiCaprio popping up with an Edinburgh accent any time soon.

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