Celtic star Leigh Griffiths’ extreme breakfast ritual revealed

Imagine being put through your paces in training or a match after this.

The Leigh Griffiths diet.

Leigh Griffiths might be a serial title winner with Celtic and Scottish goal-scoring sensation, but he may want to consider rethinking his diet.

The advice follows the revelation that the 27-year-old striker enjoys a rather unique McDonald’s-based breakfast ritual.

When Arsene Wenger first arrived at Arsenal he quickly set about educating the Premier League on the importance of nutrition.

That lesson evidently never got passed on to Griffiths though, if the revelations from his former Dundee team-mate Sean Higgins are to be believed.

Griffiths spent 18 months at Dens Park between the summer of 2009 and January 2010, travelling from his home in Edinburgh over to Dundee each and every day.

Higgins joined him on those journeys along with fellow Dundee players Eddie Malone and Pat Clarke.

Celtic star Leigh Griffiths.
The Celtic star's diet is under the microscope. Image Getty

It was during those trips that they quickly learned of Griffiths’ passion for McDonald’s and his unusual eating rituals.

“Every morning we met at the Forth Road Bridge, McDonald’s,” he told host Craig G Telfer on the Pele Podcast

“He’d come in the car, McDonald’s breakfast… stinking. I was ‘wee man, how can you do that?’ Every morning hash brown, double bacon and egg McMuffin and coffee.”

It’s unclear as to whether Griffiths continues to visit the Golden Arches every day, though he’s not the only football to indulge in some unique eating and drinking habits.


Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy confessed to drinking a glass of Port the night before every game in the Foxes’ shock 2016 Premier League title success.

He also drank three Red Bulls and an Espresso on the day of a match, often alongside a cheese and ham omelette.

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