Exclusive: What odds Leicester’s players to miss Everton game with a hangover?

Will Jamie Vardy still be having a party on Saturday?

Celebrating Leicester City players
Coming soon to a skip near you? Wes Morgan points the way to the nearest house party. Image Picture Michael Regan/Getty Images

The video of Leicester City players celebrating their title win at Jamie Vardy’s house is the most heartwarming viral clip of the year.

But will the Foxes be partying that bit too hard for the rest of the season?

Now that football’s most unlikely title has been won, Leicester City can afford to don their flip-flops and get into holiday mode for their remaining two games of the season.

Of course, Claudio Ranieri’s side have been the ultimate professionals throughout the Premier League campaign. And teams a lot worse than Leicester have been able to knock over Roberto Martinez’s under-performing Everton this season.

But what are the chances that any of the men from the King Power will still be celebrating by the time of Leicester City’s final home game of the season in the late kick-off on Saturday? Pretty good, according to Paddy Power…

The bookmaker told Loaded: “These celebrations could well trump England’s 2005 Ashes win with Freddie Flintoff and co. And Jamie Vardy was quite literally having a party last night.”

A businessman having a pin
Having a party By Friday, Jamie Vardy will look like this. Image Picture George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Paddy Power unsurprisingly make Vardy the favourite to cry off with a hangover against Everton, with odds of just 5/4 that he’ll miss out and a hangover will be the official excuse.

Vardy is followed by the perhaps-inappropriately-named Danny Drinkwater, who is 2/1 to either still be partying or have a hangover by the Everton game.

“The WKD hangover could well rule a couple of these fantastic Foxes out of Saturday’s game,” said Paddy Power. “But who cares? They’ve earned it.”

The bookmaker makes captain Wes Morgan the most likely to stay sensible, with odds of 12/1 that he’ll miss out.

It remains to be seen whether the FA will have to call the game off because too many of the Leicester side are visibly drunk against Martinez’s mob. Which would probably mean they’d only be able to win 2-0.

Paddy Power odds on which Leicester City player will miss the game against Everton due to a hangover:

Jamie Vardy: 5/4
Danny Drinkwater: 2/1
N’Golo Kante: 8/1
Riyad Mahrez, Robert Huth: 10/1
Wes Morgan: 12/1

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