A Tarzan sequel is already in the works: ‘In this one he gets fat’

Alexander Skarsgård shares his pitch of an unlikely Tarzan sequel.

The Legend Of Tarzan Margot Robbie Alexander Skarsgard
Jane and Tarzan Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard promote Legend Of Tarzan in London. Image Picture Warner Bros

The Legend Of Tarzan isn’t even out in cinemas yet, but the team behind the vine-swinging adventure are confident enough to start work on a sequel.

Speaking at a preview for this summer’s blockbuster epic, director David Yates revealed that if his Tarzan film is a hit with audiences a follow-up is on the cards.

“We’d love to take you there again if you come and watch it,” Yates explained of his take on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic character. “We have a script outline, which we’re very excited about.”

Alexander Skarsgård takes on the role of the eponymous hero, while Margot Robbie is his wife Jane Porter.

In preview footage, Tarzan is John Clayton, a viscount who’s raised by apes before departing for London. He then returns to the jungle to embrace his heritage and fend off corrupt Belgian captain Léon Rom (Christoph Waltz).

The Legend Of Tarzan
A new old hero Alexander Skarsgård as Tarzan. Image Picture Warner Bros

True Blood star Skarsgård quipped that any sequel would have to involve relaxing his strict training regime.

“In the sequel, Tarzan gains weight and is very fat. He eats cake and there’s no action. I wrote it!” he joked.

“In [the sequel] Tarzan gains weight and is very fat.”

Yates added that Legend Of Tarzan will strive to balance old-school entertainment with brains.

“Fundamentally, we’ve made it to entertain people and for them to have a great two hours in the cinema. It’s a romantic film and I haven’t seen one like this for a while on this scale,” he said.

“There are, for those people who look, some deeper things. There are some politics which, without wanting to really dwell on it, is a very profound part of history: the colonisation of the Congo and the first great genocide.

“We only touch on it very slightly, but if 1% of the audience see this movie and actually go and read King Leopold’s Ghost and explore a bit about what happened they’ll be fascinated and rewarded with some extraordinary details of what human beings do to each other.”

The Legend Of Tarzan opens in cinemas on July 8.

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