You can now legally watch new films at home before they’re released

...If you have a spare £21,000 knocking about.

PRIMA Cinema allows you to watch cinema films at home legally – Loaded
Home cinema PRIMA literally brings big screen films to your living room. Image Photos PRIMA Cinema

From knock-off videos to illegal torrent sites, wanting to watch new films before they’re out in the cinema has always been shady.

Even if your supposedly connected mate gives you the goods, the result is often nothing more than a foreign unsubtitled copy filmed in a bin and a whole heap of malware knackering your computer.

Until now.

Now, PRIMA Cinema allows you to legally watch upcoming blockbusters on your own sofa.

Is there a catch? Just a small one. You’ll need £21,000 to buy their box, plus an eye-watering £350 rental per film – or £420 if you fancy a spot of 3D. And the box probably doesn’t even have Netflix or Amazon Prime.

“Before PRIMA Cinema only invited Hollywood insiders were able to view theatrically released films at home”

PRIMA Cinema are the first company to offer such a service, which sees most films available the same weekend as their cinema debut.

Investors include Universal, which means that its offerings from last year are impressive, including Jurassic World and Trainwreck.

PRIMA Cinema allows you to watch cinema films at home legally – Loaded
Pricey This is what a £21k menu system looks like.

PRIMA Cinema’s website boasts that anyone can join the elite “Hollywood insiders” who were previously the only people who got to see new films at home.

But, at £21k for the box, plus £350 a pop for a film, no-one else apart from Hollywood insiders will be abel to afford to join their exclusive club. But who knew that Tom Cruise is in his pajamas at home this weekend to watch Sacha Baron Cohen in Grimsby?

The monstrously-priced home set-up comes with lavish features including biometric fingerprint security. So those £350 rentals can only be viewed when the subscriber agrees. This must come as peace of mind for every millionaire concerned about their rentals going awol.

PRIMA Cinema are also planning an upgrade to be available later this year, which promises ultra HD compatibility and Dolby immersive sound. That box will be a bargainiferous £35,000.

Think we’ll stick with our £5.99 Netflix subscription. Until the ultra HD compatibility box goes on sale, of course.

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