Remember The “Leave Britney Alone” Guy? He’s Back With A Special Message

Chris Crocker went viral with his passionate defence of Britney Spears.

Leave Britney alone.
Leave Britney Alone The viral hero is back.

Chris Crocker never wanted to become an online viral sensation.

Back in 2007, the teenage Crocker was simply standing up for his favourite singer, Britney Spears, who had been roundly ridiculed online after her disastrous rendition of “Gimme More” at the Video Music Awards.

The “Leave Britney Alone” rant that followed made Crocker a viral sensation and the focus of mockery and derision from people online, who saw the 19-year-old’s emotional outburst as an example of the unhealthy obsession some fans have when it comes to celebrities.

But the reality could not have been further from that. Crocker was suffering some pretty major issues in his personal life at the time and had found some solace in the music of pop stars like Spears.

His mother had just returned from a stint serving in Iraq and had fallen on hard times. She not only became homeless but was also struggling with addiction issues.

Against that backdrop, the teenage Crocker made his comments, evidently channeling his frustrations and sadness at his family predicament into defending Spears.

It took Chris years of therapy and support from other friends and family for him to overcome that situation and the fallout from his video.

But 10 years on from the original clip, it seems Crocker is living a happy existence and had a simple message for anyone facing this kind of viral video predicament: the internet is forever, so be careful, and just ignore the haters out there.

Sound advice.

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