Lea Michele Recreates Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Bootylicious’ Selfie For Fans

The Glee star proved that anything J-Lo can do she can do better.

Glee star Lea Michele
Hot topic The former Glee star wowed fans.

Lea Michele has become the latest celebrity name to indulge in the new fad for ‘belfies’ with her latest steamy shot proving popular on Instagram.

The belfie craze – an amalgamation of the words booty and selfie that has a pretty self explanatory meaning – started a couple of years back when Kim Kardashian decided to post a revealing, yet particularly posterior focused, image onto social media.

In more recent times, the original queen of the booty, Jennifer Lopez, has indulged in the practice, much to the delight of her many millions of fans.

Now it’s Michele’s turn with the Glee star evidently keen to shake off the clean cut image she first championed on the singing-based comedy series set in a high school, as her latest Instagram upload attests.

Lea Michele on Instagram
Lea Michele On Instagram Image Lea Michele/Instagram

Now a bona fide pop star in her own right, Michele’s more recent acting work has included a cameo on the violently gritty Sons of Anarchy and horror comedy series Scream Queens.

Captioned alongside the words “NYC// Sunday bed series’ the image has garnered over 137,000 likes as well as close to 1,000 comments from her fans.

“DAMN,” one writes. “A BABE,” another Michele fan adds, though the best is yet to come.

“JLo style and I still prefer you!” comes the cry from another user.

Belfies don’t get much better than this.

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