The law bafflingly brands Pringles as biscuits not crisps

A High Court Ruling back in 2008 has declared they are in fact... biscuits

Pringles cans Apparently they're not crisps Image Yahoo News

You’ll read it here but you might not believe it – apparently Pringles are in fact BISCUITS and not crisps… because science says so.

This news might not necessarily be new to everyone as this is actually a ruling from a court case back in 2008 (Yes, there was an actual court case to determine if Pringles were biscuits or crisps).

So how can they possibly justify this new labelling? Well apparently, it’s because Pringles are made with 42% of potato, which is not enough to class the product as a “potato crisp product”.

The court case ruled that because Pringles are made from dough and have an “unnatural shape” they are more like a biscuit or a cake than a crisp.

While we try to understand how lawyers actually got paid to debate this, there is one positive to take from all this: cakes are not subject to VAT and therefore Pringles can be cheaper than they would have had to be if they were crisps…

So next time you open up a tube of Pringles with the intention of just eating one or two and before you know it you’re having to reach most of your arm into the tube to get your next one, don’t forget you’re technically eating biscuits.

In related news, Hobnobs are now being classified as cereal because of their wheat content and Jammie Dodgers are now fruit preserves because of the jam content…

Okay, fine we might have made those up!

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