The Land, Sea And Air Burger: McDonald’s Biggest And Best Kept Secret

Some McDonald’s menu secrets are better kept secret.

The Land, Air and Sea Burger from McDonalds.
The Land, Air and Sea Burger McDonald's best kept secret Image HackTheMenu

Do you ever find yourself struggling to decide what you want at McDonald’s? Well, what if we told you you could have the best of everything?

It’s called the Land, Sea and Air Burger and to all intents and purposes, it’s the biggest and best kept secret on offer at the Golden Arches.

According to #HackTheMenu, the go-to website for anyone seeking something a little different from their next trip out for fast food, this is a secret menu item unlike any other.

Essentially a burger containing not only a beef pattie (land) but also a Filet-O-Fish (sea) and a McChicken (air… just about) for good measure, this may well be the biggest thing on offer at McDonald’s.

The construction process is simple enough. Customers must start by ordering a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and McChicken all at once.

Image McDonald's

Start by removing the patties from the McChicken and Filet-O-Fish, with the extracted contents then added into the Big Mac bun to create one epic tower of a burger.

There are even options to supersize the Land,Sea and Air Burger either with the discarded Filet-O-Fish and McChicken buns or, and this is brilliant, with some fries to create the ultimate McDonald’s monster.

“In our opinion, the Land, Sea, and Air Burger is more than enough to satisfy anybody’s appetite,” the #HackTheMenu website explains.

“When ordering, don’t forget to order a big drink to wash it down!”

Costing around £6-£7, this particular secret could change the way you view McDonald’s forever. Just make sure you turn up with an empty stomach.

Either way, it’s way easier than the Big Mac challenge loaded profiled last year.

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