The Most Controversial Video Game Since Grand Theft Auto Has Arrived


Image Raide Love Conquers All Games

There’s a very NSFW online video game causing a stir in the gaming world called Ladykiller in a Bind, which may just be the most controversial gaming release since Grand Theft Auto.

First developed by Christine Love, the team behind the game have described it as “an erotic visual novel about social manipulation, crossdressing, and girls tying up other girls.”

It’s title very much reflects the game’s content which explores multitudinous themes in sexuality, it’s the uncensored Fifty Shades of Grey we all wanted to see. The characters dive into topics such as queer sexuality, crossdressing, kinks, consent and power dynamics. Your standard BDSM fare.

Story wise, it’s about nine young adults-illustrated by artist Raide-trapped on a cruise ship in unnamed waters who then begin to engage in what attractive, sexually active people would probably do in confined quarters. Fuck around.


The anime-like protagonist of this maritime sexcapade is, “The Beast” a genderfluid person with an evil twin brother named The Prince-who has trapped her and others on said ship. The player follows the beast through the ritzy halls as she or he encounters various other bit players who are there to talk body more than actual conversation.

Unique conversation system—instead of hanging off your every word, dialogue options appear as they occur to you and disappear as they become irrelevant to the conversation.”



Levels rise as do body parts as the player moves along the “Six nights worth of explicit, consensual, kinky lesbian sex… or live dangerously with four extra sex scenes with your brother’s classmates who just want to fuck you up,” according to the game’s website.

If you have free time at work there is a safe for work version where the characters wear christmas jumpers over their bits. We suggest waiting until you get home for the good stuff.

Ladykiller in a Bind, is available on platform Steam from January 9th for USD $30.

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