La Liga minnows unveil new shirts complete with scratch ’n’ sniff badge

We haven’t been this excited since Noel Edmonds unleashed smell-o-vision on the UK pubic.

Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby
Inspired by Edmonds Did CD Leganes take inspiration from the Smell-O-Vision episode of Noel's House Party? Image BBC

Spanish minnows CD Leganes have waited 88 years to play in La Liga but the club affectionately known as the Cucumber Growers appear eager to make the most of their time in the spotlight.

Maybe that is why they decided to unveil a brand new kit with one very weird different: a scratch ‘n’ sniff badge.

Promoted via a rather unique YouTube advert that features club captain Martin Mantovani, the clip sees the Argentine defender even go as far as sampling the crest’s unique flavour for himself.

And, judging from his reaction in the clip, it’s a big thumbs up from the 31-year-old, who played 38 games in CD Leganes’ promotion-winning season last year.

It may be something of an acquired taste for others though, given that the badge has been infuse with the flavour of freshly cut grass. Yum.

The entire stunt is also strangely reminiscent of Noel Edmonds’ attempts to bring such scratch and sniff antics to the masses on Noel’s House Party.

It was here that the bearded one presented a special Smell-o-vision edition of the show in which viewers were invited to scratch various panels in a specially-made booklet as part of a process designed to heighten the viewing experience.

Unfortunately, the concept failed to catch on and CD Leganes’ experiment could suffer a similar fate.

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