Kylie Jenner: not wheely acceptable?

The fame hungry teen causes backlash with new shoot.

Kylie Jenner poses for controversial new shoot with Interview Magazine.
Fashion accessory? The reality star's new shoot in Interview Magazine hasn't failed on the publicity front. Image Pictures Steven Klein/Interview

She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, so it’s little wonder that the youngest sister of Kim Kardashian didn’t foresee the implications for placing herself in a wheelchair for a new photoshoot.

For Kylie Jenner, whose occupation no-one is entirely sure of, it was just another day at whatever her office is. An office that at least must have good disabled access.

Having posted a snippet of her new shoot for Interview Magazine on her Instagram page, Jenner faced a backlash from some of her 43.8 million followers who questioned why an able-bodied woman would be spinning around in a wheelchair in the name of fashion.

Twitter user Sarah Willow spoke of her upset at the fact that Jenner was using a wheelchair as “a fucking prop”, adding: “Ableism is not a joke”.

It wasn’t long before disability advocates attacked the shoot. Emily Smith Beitiks of the Paul K. Longmore Institute On Disability in San Francisco said: “People with disabilities are already seen as powerless, and this just reinforces that.”

Jenner soon removed the wheelchair image and replaced it with ones of her bare arse surrounded by latex and another of her suggestively eating a cone. The world at large seemed to have less of an issue with that.

Kylie Jenner poses for controversial new shoot with Interview Magazine.
She stands! Jenner later emerged from the wheelchair, but it seems to have worn off the latex covering her behind...

Interview defended the placement of the wheelchair, commenting: “At Interview, we are proud of our tradition of working with great artists and empowering them to realize their distinct and often bold visions. The Kylie Jenner cover by Steven Klein, which references the British artist Allen Jones, is a part of this tradition, placing Kylie in a variety of positions of power and control and exploring her image as an object of vast media scrutiny.”

Jenner herself has remained silent on the controversy, probably because she has absolutely no clue of what’s going on and has yet to reach her daily selfie upload quota.

As you were, Kylie.

Kylie Jenner poses for controversial new shoot with Interview Magazine.
Anyone for a peach bellini? Kylie branches out into waitressing.
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