Krysten Ritter really hates doing those Jessica Jones sex scenes

Kristen Ritter in Marvel's Jessica Jones
Hot stuff Kristen Ritter and Mike Colter go at it in Marvel's Jessica Jones. Image Picture Netflix

The Marvel comic book world isn’t known for its sizzling sex scenes, so it came as something of a shock when Netflix series Jessica Jones unleashed some intense bedroom action.

Stars Krysten Ritter (Jones) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage) were at the centre of most it, but what’s red hot for an audience isn’t necessarily the same for the actors involved.

Speaking to Variety, Ritter revealed that she only able to get through shooting sex scenes if she believes it makes sense for her character.

“I don’t like doing sex scenes, but with Jessica, I always felt like the sex scenes came from such a place of character and strength so it always made sense to me,” she admitted.

“It’s so not sexy and people don’t get it.”

Ritter added that filming those steamy Jessica Jones sequences are tedious and time-consuming. 

“It’s so not sexy and people don’t get it. Because you really don’t want to be doing that for 10 hours,” she explained. “Having everybody’s eyes on you, sometimes, it’s difficult. There are days when that’s like, ‘Aww man, I wish I could just, like, disappear for a day’.”

Jessica Jones season two is expected to begin filming later this year, with Netflix’s Marvel TV crossover show The Defenders following soon after.

Could Marvel’s movie characters or Daredevil, Netflix’s other comic character, be brought into the fold to star alongside Ritter?

The actress told Digital Spy that a connected universe “opens a lot of doors as to who will come out and play. We all live in the same universe, so there are endless possibilities”.

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