Knight Rider Is Coming Back And David Hasselhoff Is Starring In It

Michael Knight will return. It’s likely his evil twin brother Garthe Knight will also make it back.

Michael Knight and KITT.
Knight Rider Michael Knight and KITT could be back. Image NBC

David Hasselhoff has confirmed that a new series of Knight Rider is on the way with the Baywatch actor all set to return as Michael Knight.

The Hoff confirmed the plans during a lengthy monologue posted online by US gossip website TMZ. In the clip, Hasselhoff revealed that producers are currently ironing out the legal details ahead of what would be a “full blown TV series.”

Though details remain vague, the 64-year-old star did appear to confirm that the reboot would see him reprise the role of Michael Knight, rather than have the role recast with a younger star.

“I embrace Baywatch, I embrace Knight Rider – especially Knight Rider now we are in talks about maybe bringing it back as a series,” Hoff said. “And it’s cool because all the people that have seen all the other re-boots of Knight Rider and didn’t like it are saying ‘let it be true to what it was’ – so let me be the old guy.I can’t run, I can’t fight, I can’t jump but I can still drive.”

First broadcast on NBC from 1982 to 1986, Knight Rider starred Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, lone crusader fighting crime alongside his artificially intelligent, self-aware and virtually indestructible car, KITT.

Veteran actor William Daniels, who also starred as George Feeny on the hit teen series Boy Meets World, voiced the character of KITT and is still going strong aged 90.

A return to the original Knight Rider looks likely after several failed attempts to reboot the franchise with different actors.

In 2008, a short-lived reboot of the series saw Justin Bruening get behind the wheel as Michael Knight’s estranged son, with Val Kilmer providing the voice of Kit. The show was cancelled after just one series and 17 episodes.

This time around could be different though with Hasselhoff on board in a starring role and Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn rumoured to be producing. Given the humour Gunn has injected into his Marvel efforts, there’s every chance this could be a more tongue-in-cheek affair.

Gunn is a huge Knight Rider fan and recently recruited the Hoff to provide the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 via disco-inspired music video.

There’s no word yet on whether Garthe Knight, Michael Knight’s evil twin brother will return. Fans may recall the Hoff’s memorable turn as the dastardly Garthe, who looked exactly the same as Michael, apart from the addition of a rather dodgy beard.

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