Is This Kinder Surprise Toy Too Offensive For Kids?

A woman was surprised in the worst way by the egg treat

Have Ferrero taken it too far with their toys this time? Image Ferrero

A woman is outraged after discovering an unwanted gift in her Kinder Surprise egg.

Rachael took to Facebook to vent her frustration regarding a toy she deemed “disgusting.” The toy in question is a little green bird, with apparent musical aspirations and wicked street style.

He’s holding a microphone aloft with one hand and grabbing his bird balls with the other in a pose similar to what many artists enact on stage. Singers like Eminem, Rihanna and Michael Jackson often utilise this pose in the throws of performance.

The accused toy Image Facebook/ Laura Aubusson

Apparently, some people aren’t into it though.

“I got a Kinder Surprise, and it is a green man TOUCHING HIS GENITALS, ‘WTF is this?! Children are exposed to this disgusting act – what has the world come to? It’s f****** disgusting, and clearly, we are desensitised to these sort of things. F***** Ferrero who owns Kinder needs to look at this s***,” wrote Rachael in an angry Facebook status.

The registered nurse was interviewed by Australian parenting website Kidspot, where she admitted that the toy is pretty hilarious despite its suggestive pose.

“It was absurd. It is partly ridiculously funny, and also something that is not for children,” she said.


“I can’t fathom who would think it appropriate for children, why not a toy with its arms in the air as it sings?” she added.

In response to the controversy, Ferrero, who produces the Kinder eggs, clapped back with a statement, saying: “Each toy is subjected to a long process involving designers, technicians, doctors, psychologists, legal experts and commercial managers, with the aim to offer children a great toy that is safe from every point of view.”

So there you go, loaded is almost certain that most kids would barely notice a toy clutching its dick. Maybe it’s time for Rachael to lighten up and just eat the damn chocolate…

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