Kim Kardashian ‘robbery victim’ Halloween costume sparks major backlash

Unsurprisingly people are not happy.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian The reality star is dropping her lawsuit Image Slaven Vlasic/Getty

An American costume shop called Costumeish is selling a Kim Kardashian ‘robbery victim’ Halloween outfit – and everyone’s of the opinion they’ve gone a bit too far with this it.

The costume consists of a black wig, large sunglasses, a fake overlarge ring (similar to the one she had stolen) and a ‘white short sexy robe.’

You think that’s bad? It only gets worse. Included in the ensemble is a two-foot rope and gag.

‘Sexy robbery victim’ attire might be pushing the boundaries of taste just a little bit.

Kardashian robbery victim costume
The costume has caused quite the online repsonse not to mention pushes the boundaries of taste Image Costumeish

Kardashian was attacked in Paris just over a week ago by five armed men, who tied her up and locked her in the bathroom before robbing her of several of her expensive possessions, including her engagement ring (which makes it confusing as to why that’s included in the costume).

Although the company has been careful not to mention Kardashian by name in the item’s description, it’s not exactly difficult for people to put two and two together.

Unsurprisingly, the costume has caused quite the stir on social media:

The controversial costume is being priced at £69.99 (about £56). We can’t realistically see this ousting Harley Quinn cosplay as the Halloween outfit of choice this year.

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