Kim Jong-un Approves Sexy Calendar To Help Boost North Korean Tourism

The North Korean leader appears keen to boost visitor numbers to the region.

Kim Jong-un approves of this calendar.Image Getty

Despite his ongoing threats concerning the use of long-range nuclear weapons, it would appear that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is keen for more of us to visit North Korea and he’s commissioned a sexy stewardess calendar to prove it.

As reported by The Sun, Kim has given approval for the nation’s official calendar to feature flight attendants from national airline Air Koryo.

It follows on from similarly sexy orders, from the big man himself, for all stewardesses to start wearing short skirts.

Prior to this, those working on the airline had been forced to wear frumpier attire. That’s all changed now though, as extracts from the calendar demonstrate.

Gone are the more traditional red outfits familiar to anyone using the service. In their place come a series of figure-hugging blue uniforms along with the newly-shortened skits and high heels.

A local source told Yonhap News, in quotes carried by The Sun:

“It is the first time a North Korean calendar carries photos of female flight attendants, way different from previous calendars that mostly carried bland photos of scenic views and cultural sites.”

Featured in nine of the calendar’s 12 photos, these shots may not amount to much for us westerners but there are pretty racy by Kim’s standards.

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