Kim Jong-Un Might Have Copyrighted His Terrible Haircut

We doubt people are begging for it...

Kim Jong-un approves of this calendar.Image Getty

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has apparently copyrighted his terrible haircut.

A Finnish journalist stumbled on the news after posting a picture of a state-mandated hairstyle poster in a salon during a trip to the heavily controlled country.

He partook in a haircut while visiting and wrote on Twitter that it was ‘the best shave and head massage that I have ever had.’

Probably the most interesting aspect of his trip was that fact that he noticed none of the 15 approved hairstyles for men resembled the extreme short back and sides favoured by Kim Jong-Un, which suggests that he’s the only one allowed to have it.

Most of the 15 haircuts look standard enough, though somewhat lacking in ponytails or anything too creative.

We have to agree with the journo – none quite look like the situation atop Kim Jong-Un’s noggin which isn’t everyone’s first choice, let’s be honest.

north korean haircuts
The approved list for men Image Twitter

It hasn’t been confirmed that the feared leader has literally copyrighted his haircut, despite what the Express is reporting. However, it’s not surprising that he won’t allow his subjects to imitate his coif, which must be tough for them to endure because it’s so dashing…

The ladies also have a list of styles; there is an approved diagram for women that looks like something fresh out of 1988. Mullets are okay in North Korea it seems.

north korean haircuts
The ladies choice/Twitter Image Twitter

This reveal is yet another reason why so many are escaping that strange, strange place. We don’t blame them. Mullets are terrifying.

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