He claimed to have originally ordered an Xbox card or Xbox controller.


Kid Buys Bong Online And Mum Makes Him Open Package In Front Of Her

By Jack Beresford

January 18, 2018

There’s nothing funny or cool about drugs. Honest.

However, there is plenty that’s funny about the situation that unfolded when one kid in the US decided to order a bong online, only for his mother to make him open the package in front of her.

To the uninformed: a bong is a glass tubular receptacle of sorts, used in the imbibing and enjoyment of recreational drugs like marijuana.

This kid had gone all out for his bong too, shelling out a whopping $49.99 for a 17-inch tall clear glass job that’s available to order on Amazon today.

Unfortunately for this guy, his mum became a little suspicious when a rather large package arrived for her son and decided to make him open it in front of her.

Sensing an opportunity to mine something approaching YouTube gold, the kid’s brother decided to capture the whole sorry incident for serious LOLs.

It’s everything you could ever imagine and more, with the kid getting seriously sweaty and nervous as he attempts to try and explain away the package.

At one point he even utters the line that it looks “like a vase for like a bunch of like…things” before hitting upon the idea that he thought he was ordering an Xbox card or controller – you know, one of those Xbox controllers that’s made out of glass and 17 inches tall.

He never gives up though, maintaining his faux-surprise to the very end, with a weak exclamation of “what the frick?” when the package is finally revealed.

Thankfully his mother isn’t a complete moron and quickly realizes what he’s ordered.

All the while his older brother is recording alongside the caption: “LMFAO when your brother orders a bong and your mom’s wants to see him open it.”

Ah, the innocence of youth and thinking you can get away with buying bongs in front of your mum.