KFC’s Most Successful Sandwich Ever Is Finally Coming To The UK

It’s a sandwich unlike any you have ever seen before.

The KFC Double Down.
The KFC Double Down. Its's finally arriving in the UK

KFC’s most successful sandwich ever could finally be arriving in the UK and fried chicken fans are going to lose their minds over this bad boy.

It’s called the KFC Double Down and it’s one of the most insane things to ever grace the KFC menu.

Imagine, if you will, a KFC burger made entirely from chicken. And we’re not talking about the filling here; the KFC Double Down is a sandwich comprising of crispy bacon, melted Monterey Jack cheese and barbeque sauce all sandwiched between two succulent Original Recipe chicken fillets.

It’s been available in the US since April 2010 and the Philippines and Canada later that same year. Since then, the Double Down has been introduced across much of Asia and parts of South Africa.

KFC Double Down.

Available for a limited time on three separate occasions in France, the Double Down is now being gradually introduced across Europe.

It’s already available in Denmark, Germany and Spain with England now seemingly set to follow.

The move follows a sustained social media campaign from KFC fanatics on Twitter, desperate to see the sandwich arrive on UK shores. They will get their wish on October 9th, with the Double Down set to be made available for a limited six-week run.

There’s one further twist in the tale too. Once on the menu, fried chicken fans can also look forward to the prospect of the KFC Triple Down.

The KFC Triple Down.
The KFC Triple Down For fried chicken lovers only Image KFC

This secret menu item is the stuff of legend and consists of the same setup as the double down – two bits of chicken with cheese, bacon and sauce between them – except there is one key addition: another bit of chicken as filling.

So while the world as we know it might be turning to crap, at least our fried chicken game is on point.

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