KFC Unveils New Family Sized Gravy Bucket Just In Time For Christmas

If you like gravy, you'll love this...

The KFC gravy bucket.

Christmas is almost upon us, but never fear because fried chicken enthusiasts KFC are pulling out all the stops to ensure you have a merry old time.

To celebrate the “most wonderful time of the year”, the team behind Colonel Sanders have come up with an extra special gift: a family sized gravy bucket that’s available to buy today.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone looking to add a little gravy-based oomph to their festive feast (and most likely piss off whoever has been slaving away over the meal in the process).

The the state-of-the-art Family Gravy Bucket boasts an innovative quad-spout mechanism and is able to hold over 700ml of gravy. That’s a lot of gravy.

The KFC gravy bucket.

It’s also been ergonomically crafted too, and painstakingly engineered for a perfectly smooth pour – because there’s nothing worse than a bit of gravy-based splash back.

The new system is being trialled with a view to rolling it out across the country and comes amid the growing trend for customers purchasing KFC’s famous gravy on Christmas Eve with a view to using it on the big day. Yeah, that happens.

People like 22-year-old Harry Barnes from Coventry

“It’s become a tradition in our family since my brother came home with some on Christmas Eve in 2013. He moved out in 2014 but we’ve continued it,” he explained. “I forgot last Christmas and turned up to the Bermuda Park KFC in Nuneaton on Christmas Day to find it closed. I was gutted!”

The KFC gravy bucket.

He adds: “My mum makes Christmas dinner every year but it is just the two of us now and she doesn’t seem to embrace it. She doesn’t know it yet but we are definitely having KFC gravy this Christmas.”

KFC sells an estimated one million portions of gravy in the week running up to Christmas. In the last year alone the UK tucked into 108,400 litres of the good stuff from KFC.

That’s a lot of gravy – but on Christmas Day? Seriously? Well, whatever floats your gravy boat.

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