The KFC Triple Down Might Be The Most Extreme Secret Menu Item Yet

If you liked the Double Down, you’ve probably guessed what the Triple Down involves

The KFC Triple Down.
The KFC Triple Down For fried chicken lovers only Image KFC

Have you ever looked at a burger from KFC and thought ‘that’s not nearly enough fried chicken for my liking’? If the answer is yes, then the Colonel may have the answer for you.

It’s called the KFC Triple Down and, to loaded’s way of thinking, it’s arguably the most extreme secret menu item ever created.

Secret menu items are pretty commonplace in fast food restaurants these days – menu items and culinary creations available only on request and often requiring a little construction on the part of the customer.

The KFC Triple Down is exactly that and essentially an upgrade on the controversial “Double Down” offering the restaurant unveiled a couple of years back.

The Double Down was essentially two pieces of fried chicken fillet with a little bacon and cheese in the middle, binding them together.

It’s main selling point was the lack of bun, with the two chicken fillets essentially operating in it’s place.

With this in mind, you can probably hazard a guess as to what the KFC Triple Down. It’s the same thing with an extra fried chicken piece in the middle, serving as the filling.

The Triple Down from KFC.
Triple Down From KFC Image

Oh, and there’s a whole extra layer of bacon and cheese, which is no bad thing really.

Now, it’s probably worth pointing out that not all KFC restaurants acknowledge the existence of the Double Down – it’s their dirty little secret of sorts.

But you can get round this by basically ordering all of the component parts – three fried chicken breast fillets, two bits of cheese, two bits of bacon and some mayonnaise – to construct this baby independently.

That might sound like a lot of work and you are sure to get a few odd looks from fellow customers, but you’ll be the one laughing once they see you chomping down on a chicken sandwich made out of chicken. Well, at least that’s how we’d like to imagine it.

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