Take On The KFC Family Feast Challenge If You Dare

Even the most ardent of fried chicken fans will struggle to conquer this.

KFC recipe revealedImage Picture KFC

If you consider yourself something of a fried chicken connoisseur when it comes to all things KFC, then we have the challenge for you.

It’s called the KFC Family Feast Challenge and it sounds absolutely nuts.

The challenge is straightforward enough: fried chicken fans must consume the entirety of a £13 KFC Family Feast bucket, sides and all, in the space of just one hour.

To put the sheer mountain of food that equates to in perspective, let’s just list everything that entails.

The standard KFC Family Feast bucket contains 10 pieces of original recipe KFC fried chicken, four standard portions of fries, two sides of your choice (beans and coleslaw are our preference) and a hefty 1.5 litre bottle of Pepsi.

The 10 piece family feast From KFC Image KFC

Now, that might sound like an insane amount of food to eat in a single one-hour sitting, but someone has actually pulled it off already. Well, nearly anyway:

Speaking on a HotUkDeals forum a few years back, an anonymous user revealed one of his co-workers ate everything, bar two scoops of coleslaw in the required timeframe.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s not even fat and he goes the gym regularly. We all had bets on whether he’d manage it beforehand and I have to say I certainly had my doubts but he managed to prove me wrong!”

There has been a downside to the whole thing for the guy involved though, as our online storyteller laments:

“He now says he’s suddenly become slightly fed up with the taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken and for some unknown reason won’t be visiting there again in the near future.”

The challenge is similar to one loaded reported on last year, whereby McDonald’s fans could earn £100 by completing The Big Mac Meal Challenge.

In that instance, they needed to eat four Big Macs, four large fries and four large milkshakes of any flavor and hold down the food for at least an hour.

While there is no monetary reward for the KFC Family Feast Challenge, anyone who does complete it will earn a place as the stuff of loaded legend.

Who knows? Maybe their mates will chip in to generate a £100 prize fund.

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