Are you a fan of the KFC Double Down? Then you need to try the KFC TRIPLE Down

So this is what heaven tastes like...

The KFC Triple Down.
The KFC Triple Down For fried chicken lovers only Image KFC

Fried chicken. Bacon. Cheese.

Are there four sweeter words in the English language?

Not in loaded’s book, which is possibly why we’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with KFC’s latest chicken-based culinary creation: the Double Down.

In the simplest possible terms, the Double Down is basically a chicken burger minus the bread. Two succulent pieces of deep fried chicken greatness with a smattering of cheese and bacon wedged in between for good measure.

It’s a tasty slab of meaty, cheesy, bacon-y goodness and basically heaven in takeaway form. It’s also the most popular burger in the history of the fried chicken giant – and with good reason.

The KFC Double Down.
The KFC Double Down. Its's finally arriving in the UK

But did you know there’s a whole other level of KFC goodness available to those with the nerve to turn things up to 11?

It’s as simple as this: if you like the Double Down then you seriously need to try the secret menu sensation that’s already swept the globe.

It’s called the Triple Down and it’s a treat that needs little in the way of explanation.

That’s not going to stop us from describing it though.

While a Quadruple Down seems a tad excessive to us, the Triple Down is just about on the right side of naughty without prompting heart palpitations.

All you need to do is purchase two Double Downs, remove the fourth bit of chicken, which can serve as a little snack while you work on the main event.

The Triple Down from KFC.
Triple Down From KFC Image

Here’s how you put it together: take one of the Double Downs and separate the two bits of chicken, aiming to keep the cheese and bacon restricted to one of the two chicken pieces.

Take that bit of chicken, complete with cheese and bacon, and place it on top of the untouched Double Down.

Now press down. Press down like you are performing KFC-based CPR and your fast-food life depends on it. Because it does.

Hey presto, you have the mother of all KFC treats and something that should probably be eaten in moderation.

The KFC Double Down.

The perfect treat to line the stomach before a night out or as a much-needed hangover cure, the Triple Down is already a popular fixture on the popular fast food secret menu website

But you’ll need to move fast to get this one – the KFC Double Down is only available for a limited time in the UK.

So, do it. Do it now. You won’t regret it.

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