KFC Bringing On The Festive Cheer With All New Christmas Burger

The fried chicken kings reckon it genuinely tastes like Christmas

KFC Christmas Burger
The KFC Christmas Burger

KFC is finally getting in the festive spirit with its first ever limited-edition Christmas burger that the company claims genuinely “tastes like Christmas.”

Holiday-themed menu items are pretty common around this time of year, with fellow fast food giants McDonald’s rather partial to unveiling its fair share of festive treats over the years.

KFC have usually steered clear of this sort of thing though, with the Colonel’s crew seemingly keen to focus on doing what they do best – fried chicken in its many glorious forms.

That looks set to change in 2016 though with the advent of the limited edition Christmas Burger.

Exclusive to KFC branches based in the UK and Ireland, this baby has everything you would expect from a Christmas themed chicken burger.

The KFC Christmas Burger
KFC Christmas Burger Image KFC

There’s an Original Recipe fillet, cheese, lettuce, cranberry sauce and special sage and onion stuffing mayonnaise.

Did we forget to mention there’s also a hash brown thrown in for good measure? Well, that features too and it’s the veritable cherry on top of this particular piece of fast-food majesty.

“it’s delicious, and genuinely tastes like Christmas”

Served up in a sesame seed bun, the Christmas burger is available from November 28 to January 1 for just £3.99 and is already being hyped as the greatest thing since Popcorn Chicken by KFC’s UK and Ireland Innovation Director Jack Hinchliffe.

“Our aim was to create a tasty new burger that brought together traditional flavors with our famous secret recipe,” he told Metro.

“We are incredibly excited by the outcome—it’s delicious, and genuinely tastes like Christmas!”

To paraphrase the great Mariah Carey: “All I want for Christmas…is a KFC Christmas Burger.”

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