Kevin Spacey Is Being Removed From Ridley Scott’s New Film

The director took the decision unilaterally and just a month before the movie is released.

Ridley Scott and Kevin Spacey.
Ridley Scott is cutting Kevin Spacey out. Image Getty

Ridley Scott has taken the bold decision to remove Kevin Spacey from his soon-to-be-released thriller All The Money In The world.

The filmmaker Is thought to have made the decision unilaterally and only alerted studio bosses over at Sony TriStar this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s a move that is both monumental and expensive, with Scott now facing a race against time to complete reshoots on the movie ahead of a planned December 22 release date.

Christopher Plummer will now step in to play J. Paul Getty in the film, which focuses on the infamous 1973 kidnapping of his 16-year-old grandson John Paul Getty III.

Plummer was Scott’s original choice for the role before being told by top studio bosses that a bigger name was required for the part.

Kevin Spacey's replacement, Christopher Plummer.
Christopher Plummer Kevin Spacey's replacement. Image Getty

Spacey only shot a total of eight days on the project and it’s believed that the majority of his scenes featured just him.

However, co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are both likely to be required for some reshoots, as part of a major undertaking that will most likely see Scott and the team behind the film working day and night to meet the film’s release deadline.

VFX could also be used to insert Plummer into several scenes in place of Spacey, though this remains a similarly tricky process.

This is just the latest project to sever ties with Spacey, following the news that Netflix had broken off its links with the actor and is working on ways to write his character out of House of Cards.

Spacey has faced a string of allegations since actor Anthony Rapp went public to Buzzfeed News with a story detailing an occasion where the Usual Suspects actor made sexual advances toward him when he was just 14.

Several young men have since come forward with similar stories.

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