Why Kevin Costner never made sequels to his 90s classics

The acting icon on 90s hits, Batman v Superman and returning to directing.

Kevin Costner was a billion dollar movie star long before the days of superhero blockbuster and summer tentpole films.

The Untouchables, The Bodyguard, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves thrust Costner onto the A-list in the 80s and 90s but, surprisingly by today’s franchise standards, none of them produced a sequel.

Speaking to Loaded, Costner revealed that he’s turned down the chance to make follow-ups to his biggest movies on multiple occasions.

“I’ve had that my whole career; talk of doing Bodyguard and Silverado and The Untouchables sequels – even if a movie is a modest hit. I’ve been asked to make almost every one of my movies again, and I thought ‘I’ve kind of done it!’” he says.

Kevin Costner Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves The Untouchables The Bodyguard
Box office king Kevin Costner had a hot streak running through the 80s and 90s. Image Picture Warner Bros/Paramount

“There would be a point if you saw a script that was really good, but to just do it because lightening stuck and you want to hit a second time? Fine, let’s see it in the writing.”

The only sequel Costner has made is Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, in which he appears briefly as Jonathan Kent in a hallucination to Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel.

Costner managed to sneak into the movie avoiding the intense, spoiler-hungry spotlight every superhero movie experiences. He credits director Zack Snyder with his return to the DC Film Universe.

Kevin Costner Henry Cavill Zack Snyder Man Of Steel
Dad duties Kevin Costner made an unexpected return as Pa Kent in Batman v Superman. Image Picture Warner Bros

“Zack is really the catalyst for that, he’s always been very good to me,” he explains. “I went and filmed on the very last day. I said, ‘What are you going to do?’ ‘We’re going to go on top of a mountain.’

“I’ve been asked to make almost every one of my movies again, and I thought ‘I’ve kind of done it!’”

“It was kept quiet – I never feel the need, even when I was in grade school, to talk about stuff. I don’t really understand people that can’t keep a secret.”

Costner’s latest film is Criminal, a thriller in which he plays a psychopath implanted with the memories of Ryan Reynolds’ dead CIA agent. Not your standard good guy Costner fare, then, and something that appealed to the actor.

“I knew there were some scenes in Criminal that if they just let me do them I felt that I could make them really memorable,” he says of playing against type.

“I thought I could get this just right and people would be surprised that it was me doing them.”

Costner will make his long-awaited return to directing next year with a film called Horizon.

Oscar-winner Costner's directorial debut Dances With Wolves won him two Academy Awards. Image Picture MGM

His filmmaking debut Dance With Wolves bagged him two Oscars, and he followed it up with The Postman in 1997 and 2003’s Open Range.

His comeback will see him shatter that “no sequels” rule. “I’m thinking of making three or four of the same movie, I’m actually going to make a 10-hour Western starting next May with me directing,” he says.

Criminal opens in cinemas on April 15.

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