Kesha Returns With Powerful New Track “Praying” After Four Years Away

The artist formerly known has Ke$ha is back with a revealing new song

Kesha's new single Praying.
Kesha's new single Praying

There was a time when Ke$ha could have laid claim to the title of the biggest pop star in the world.

Some five or so years back, she arrived on the scene with the unapologetically trashy “Tik Tok, a song so infectious the mere mention of the title probably sets it playing in your head.

A lot has changed in the time since then, with Ke$ha still embroiled in a bitter legal battle with her former producer Dr Luke, whom she took to trial over sexual abuse allegations.

It’s been a rocky road for the singer ever since, with the singer at the centre of an ongoing case and perhaps questioning whether the case had ultimately cost her her career.

But there may finally be a bright spot on the horizon for Kesha after a long and difficult journey with new track Praying showcasing a different, more honest, side to the pop superstar’s personality.

Gone is the autotune and lyrics about getting drunk at parties, with the new track instead focused on “the hardest time” of her life when she was forced to learn to “fight for herself”.

Frank, honest and, at times, a little heartbreaking, there’s even a message for Dr Luke in the lyrics, with her former collaborator given short shrift.

“I’m proud of who I am / No more monsters, I can breathe again,” Kesha sings.

“I hope you’re somewhere praying, praying / I hope your soul is changing, changing.”

Praying is taken from Kesha’s new album, Rainbow, which is out on August 11th.

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