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Kelly Rohrbach Says She’ll Be Very Different To Pamela Anderson In Baywatch

By Simon Reynolds

November 04, 2016

The Baywatch movie isn’t even out until 2017, but the hype’s already building thanks largely to Kelly Rohrbach stepping into the swimsuit once worn by Pamela Anderson.

CJ Parker turned Pammie into a major star in the 90s, and Kelly will be hoping the same happens when the big screen reboot hits cinemas next year.

Pammie’s CJ was a blonde bombshell, but expect things to be a little different in the Baywatch movie. Kelly says she’ll be giving the character a fresh twist for the 21st century.

“I didn’t want to just be a wax figure hot girl.”

“I didn’t want to just be a wax figure hot girl,” she told V in a new interview. “I sort of made her anti-perfect. Goofy, fun, and awkward at moments.”

Born in 1990, Kelly was slightly out of the age range for Baywatch’s target audience – and it sounds like her parents weren’t keen on her watching it due to the sun-kissed bods on display.

“It was too risqué to watch when my parents were at home,” she explained. “So me and my two sisters would wait for them to go out. We thought it was the coolest thing.”

Pamela will be appearing in the Baywatch movie, presumably to pass on the baton (swimsuit?) to Kelly in some form.

The cast also includes Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and Priyanka Chopra. You’ll be able to catch it for yourself on from May 2017.