Kelly Brook 2017 calendar may be her sexiest yet

Happy New Year!

Kelly Brook 2017 calendar
Happy New Year Kelly Brook's 2017 calendar.

This year isn’t even done with yet, but Kelly Brook is already getting ready for 2017 with the release of snaps from her new calendar.

The model, actress and TV personality has sent temperatures soaring with nude shots that channel classic Cindy Crawford photos from the 90s.

“I’m always up for shooting sexy nudes in the right context,” she told The Sun. “The shot is a beautiful natural picture on a beach so I think it works.

“I love the old Cindy Crawford nudes on the beach that were shot by Herb Ritts — I was inspired by those.”

See a classic Ritts photo that inspired the Kelly Brook 2017 calendar below:

Cindy Crawford clutches her breasts in Herb Ritts’ famous Playboy photo
Ritts crackers Herb Ritts’ iconic Playboy photo of Crawford was responsible for a lot of calendar sales. Image Portrait Herb Ritts

Brook also admitted that she feels a lot happier now that she’s curvier.

“I’ve definitely got a lot curvier, as you can see from these pictures — but I think it suits me being 12kg heavier than I was,” she said.

“My face is better now I have my curves back. I got too skinny at one point because of my schedule. Now I feel much healthier.”

The Kelly Brook 2017 calendar can’t get here soon enough.

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