Are Kellogg’s Planning To Kill Off Tony The Tiger And Frosties Next?

Ricicles are being dropped by the cereal manufacturer and Frosties could soon follow.

Frosties could be the next cereal-based casualty.
Frosties Soon to be off UK shelves?

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day and for a whole generation of kids turned adults, breakfast used to mean one thing: sugar.

Frosties, Coco Pops, Ricicles, Lucky Charms, Corn Pops and Golden Grahams – these were just a few of the cereals we all grew up with, delivering us a daily helping of sugar by the bowlful. Breakfast wasn’t just the most important meal of the day back then – it was also the best. When else would we be allowed to go nuts on sugary cereal goodness?

But things have changed. Now everyone is concerned about sugar intake, realising it’s tantamount to cocaine for kids. We’re a society of sugar addicts and it’s been causing havoc for decades now. Your health, your appearance and your fragile mental state may all actually be the result of excessive sugar consumption. Or something like that anyway.

In any case, cereal giant Kellogg’s is taking a stand. The BBC is reporting that the company is planning on reduced the sugar content of some of it’s most popular cereals by anywhere between 20% and 40%. The move comes as the government prepares to implement a new raft of taxes on sugary products aimed at children.

In the meantime, there has already been one major casualty: Kellogg’s is to cease produce on Ricicles all together. 

Ricicles were brilliant in their sheer simplicity, amounting to little more than Rice Krispies coated in sugar. They had a kid in a red spacesuit on the box, floating through a galaxy far, far away. No, not that one.

He was called Captain Rik. No one knew how a child got into space or how he had risen to the rank of Captain but they didn’t care – because the cereal was great. But now Captain Rik is dead and Kellogg’s may yet have designs on killing off another beloved cereal box character, Tony the Tiger.

For decades, Tony has been the inexplicable animal face of Frosties – another simply yet brilliant product which amounts to cornflakes coated in sugar.

A Frosties cereal box.

Given the similiarities between the two cereals, it’s not outlandish to suggest Tony might now be living in borrowed time. A Kellogg’s representative has already moved to allay such fears though, telling Gizmodo UK: “There are no plans to retire Tony the Tiger”.

Loaded is unconvinced though. With sugary cereals on the way out, the makers of Frosties will be under pressure to reduce the product’s sugar content and that could yet see fans head elsewhere for their breakfast.

The brand has endured a steep decline in sales over the past few years too, as more and more people look to healthier breakfast options for their kids. When it comes to sugar content, Frosties are among the worst culprits with a standard 30g serving containing 3.1 teaspoons of sugar – and no one has ever had one of those pitiful 30g serving suggestions either, so it’s likely to be a little higher.

A Daily Mail report from the start of 2013 revealed Frosties had experienced a 18.3 per cent drop in volume sales with value sales down 6.6 per cent. That figure is likely to have worsened in more recent years and with any government tax likely to increased the price further, the future is looking pretty bleak for Tony.

So stock up on Frosties while you can – they may not be around forever, whatever line Kelloggs keeps feed us. Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day but it’s no longer the most fun.

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