Keanu Reeves’ latest movie makes just £88 at the box office

Hollywood A-listers see their new releases tank hard in the UK.

Keanu Reeves Exposed
Sad Keanu Reeves' latest made just £88 at the box office. Image Picture Signature Entertainment

Keanu Reeves and Richard Gere were box office dynamite back in the day, but things have taken a turn for the worse if their latest films are anything to go by.

Reeves released his new thriller Exposed in cinemas on February 26, and the ticket sales are some way off the billions raked in by The Matrix.

According to box office stats from the film’s opening weekend, it amassed just £88 from UK cinemas. In fairness, the film was also made available to watch on VOD giving Keanu fans another viewing option but this is still by far the biggest bomb of Reeves’ career.

After a cracking comeback with action movie John Wick, this maybe marks a pause-for-thought moment for the actor that’ll result in more “Sad Keanu” memes.

For a comparison, here’s the five biggest money-spinning hits of Reeves’ career to date:

  • The Matrix Reloaded – $742 million
  • The Matrix – $463 million
  • The Matrix Revolutions – $427 million
  • Speed – $350 million
  • Something’s Gotta Give – $266 million

£88 for Exposed? “Woah!” as Reeves almost probably didn’t exclaim out loud on hearing the news.

Exposed is described as a crime thriller about a detective uncovering disturbing police corruption while investigating his partner’s death… only to have aliens inexplicably thrown into the mix. Sounds bonkers but at least more intriguing than your average boilerplate cop drama.

Richard Gere The Benefactor
First Gere Richard Gere's The Benefactor mustered up £25 at the box office. Image Picture Arrow Films

If you thought this was bad for Reeves, then spare a thought for Richard Gere. Though he’s long since swapped Julia Roberts rom-coms in favour of meaty character roles, you’d still expect a bit more payback from his drama The Benefactor.

Released the same week as Exposed, Gere’s film managed a pathetic £25 in box office takings. All this despite a cast boasting rising Brit star Theo James, Dakota Fanning and Clarke Peters of The Wire fame.

As bad as this looks for Reeves and Gere, there are a pair of lights twinkling at the end of the tunnel. Reeves is about to start making John Wick: Chapter Two (a surefire hit) and Gere has a role in Oscar-nominated director Oren Moverman’s next one The Dinner. These two flops will (hopefully) be swiftly forgotten.

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