Katy Perry pledges to bare all for Hillary Clinton

The California Girls singer has decided to show her support in the best way possible.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry The popstar gets ready to Rise. Image Picture Capitol

Katy Perry is promising to strip off in a show of support for Hillary Clinton, ahead of the US Presidential election.


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Perry has made no secret of siding with the Democrat nominee, who is battling Donald Trump for the Oval Office.

No one could have suspected the result would be a pledge to strip off in the name of politics though, with the singer revealing her intentions via social media.

Nuff said.

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Pictured posing naked at a polling station, it’s likely that the heavily click-baiting campaign will fail to deliver on its promise, but then isn’t that always the way with politics?

Perry should be commended for putting her immense following on Twitter and Instagram to good use though and highlighting an important and, at times, alarmingly overlooked topic.

And she did at least live up to her promise, in a way, with a rather racy comedy sketch, written in conjunction with Funny Or Die and Rock the Vote.

Designed to encourage more young people to vote, the clip sees Perry strip off, thinking she is capable of voting in her birthday suit because she “read the constitution” only to discover she is wrong and going to jail.

The 31-year-old’s pro-Clinton views also provided the punchline in a gag that featured in a special Will & Grace reunion clip.

Keen to get Sean Hayes’ Jack to vote for Hillary, the titular duo reveal that Perry also happens to be a fan – something that proves decisive for long-time fan Jack.

All the discussion about Perry’s choice of politics will come as welcome tonic to the pop star, given the amount of questions and scrutiny she has faced since her other half, Orlando Bloom, decided to indulge in a bit of nudity on the beach.

At least when Perry gets her kit off, it’s for a valid cause.

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